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ENCAUTIC ART is the process of creating art that is rendered with beeswax and processed with heat.

I've included some variations of the 

process on this page, including experimenting with 3-D and utilizing photographs I've taken and then fusing them to the wax surface.

The process of creating with wax builds layer upon layer that can then be removed or scratched through revealing what lays hidden beneath.

All images are copyrighted by the Artist and all rights reserved.

Encaustic  18 x 18  "Eclipse" -  Refined colored beeswax on panel 

Encaustic 3-D  "The Garden of Good and Evil"  View 1 /2        

Encaustic  24" x 36"  "Serene"                            copyright all rights reserved

Refined colored beeswax on panel

Encaustic  8" x 24"  "The Rose"

Refined colored beeswax on panel 

Encaustic Sample Boards

Colored Beeswax  on board

Sample board of Incising 

Photoshop art and applied paper on wax panel

Photo transfer- beeswax on panel 

Colored beeswax on board

Colored beeswax on panel

Encaustic with photo transfers - 12" x 24"  "Woman in the Window"                      copyright all rights reserved 

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